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Currently, the army can also be looking at enhancing its special forces capabilities . With India's increasing international function, and the requirement to guard its interests in far-off international locations turns into essential, the Indian Army and Indian Navy are collectively planning to arrange a marine brigade. After Pakistan's Lt General A. A. K. Niazi signed the Instrument of Surrender, the India, as a part of the allied forces, took greater than 90,000 Pakistani prisoners of struggle. By the time of the signing, 11,000 Pakistani soldiers had been killed in motion, while India suffered three,500 battle-related deaths. In addition, Pakistan misplaced 220 tanks in the course of the battle compared to India's 69. In 1939, British officers had no plan for enlargement and coaching of Indian forces, which comprised about a hundred thirty,000 men , whose mission was internal safety and defence in opposition to a potential Soviet risk through Afghanistan. A small numb